KVM and PCoIP systems

Keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) systems, and PC over IP (PCoIP) systems used to deliver PC workstation capabilities to a remote location.


Allows users to remotely play mezzanine/professional-grade media files in a web browser


G&D’s high-end KVM extender VisionXS-IP-DP-UHR: Small housing, impressive performance

ADDERLink™ INFINITY 4000 Series

Access and control HD, 4K and 5K workflows, in real-time, with Adder’s dual-head IP KVM matrix

Classical KVM extenders

KVM extenders – operate remote computers from one desk via CAT or optical fibers

KVM-over-IP extenders

Unlimited access with KVM-over-IP extender systems as well as real 4K @ 60 Hz over IP extension

High-end KVM switches

KVM switches from G&D – operate several computers by one console

ControlCenter-Digital – modular KVM matrix system

ControlCenter-Digital – modular KVM matrix for up to 288 ports that offers maximum flexibility

ControlCenter-Compact – compact KVM matrix system

ControlCenter-Compact – compact KVM matrix system that offers high performance in compact form

ControlCenter-IP – matrix system for KVM-over-IP

ControlCenter-IP – matrix system for KVM-over-IP combines perfect flexibility and functionality


G&D’s RemoteAccess-GATE – Worldwide access to your KVM systems

ControlCenter-Xperience – Experience KVM like never before

Experience how KVM systems from G&D perfectly interact in different applications.


G&D’s RemoteAccess-CPU closes the gap between cloud computing and KVM