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Hollyland LARK 150

Wireless radio microphone systems

It reduces post-stage noise cancellation processing and improves the efficiency of content output. The tiny and super-light transmitter is well designed so it can easily be clipped-on to your collar or used with the included lavalier microphone, basically, anywhere you’d like to attach it to. The charging case provides portability and convenience to this microphone system. Besides that, it charges the whole system about 2.5 times in addition to the 4.5-hour battery life on the transmitter and 7.5-hour life on the receiver. (UBMS has a huge collection of hollyland products ). It auto pairs the transmitters and the receiver serves as the storage box and the platform to upgrade the whole system. It has 100m transmission, two-way mute, safety track audio mode, real-time audio monitoring, and so many more user-friendly features make the system a perfect wireless microphone solution for different types of content creation.

LARK 150 is a compact 2.4 GHz digital wireless microphone system. 2 TX & 1 RX Combo, it is widely using by videographers, bloggers, and mobile journalists. Plug and play, the system can make you focus on getting the shot. The transmitter designed with a built-in omnidirectional microphone and also can use it as a lavalier mic. The receiver Equipped with an OLED display shows battery status, audio level, signal strength, and more. LARK 150 is delivering professional-grade sound quality of a range up to 100m with a 5ms ultra-low latency. Buy LARK 150 from UBMS Dubai. We can provide the best price and fast delivery for LARK 150. It provides 3 recording modes, mono, stereo, and safety mode. The receiver’s 3.5mm TRS output sends a mic-level signal, making it compatible with an array of devices such as DSLRs, portable audio recorders, computers,s and so on. And the charging case design serves easy charging, auto-pairing, upgrade, and storage for the whole system.

  • 5ms Latency with up to 100m Range

  • 2 TX & 1 RX Combo

  • 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Transmission with Clear Sound Under Any Conditions

  • Mini Size with Lightweight

  • Professional-Grade Sound Quality

  • Built-In Lithium Batteries, with an Ultra Long Run Time

  • 21-Stage Digital Gain Adjustment

  • Contact Charging Case

  • Built-in Mic and Lav Mic Switching Automatically

  • Multiple Systems Using in One Location

Buy  Hollyland LARK 150 from UBMS Dubai

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