mc²96 Grand Production Console

mc²96 Grand Production Console

mc²96 Grand Production Console

mc²96 Grand Production Console


With experience gathered over more than 50 years, German audio innovator Lawo is distinguished by its engineering and manufacturing of the most reliable and most advanced audio mixing consoles available. Originally developed for mobile and studio broadcast environments with zero tolerance for failure, Lawo consoles are also widely chosen for their audio quality in theater, studio and live performance applications.With the mc²96, the mc² platform is pushed beyond limitations, culminating in a pure, unparalleled audio production tool dedicated to those who can tell the difference. Whether it’s intended to be used in broadcast, theater or recording – in each of these applications it stands out with a unique set of features. The mc²96 provides optimized performance within IP video production environments with native ST2110 support. In addition, the revolutionary LiveView™ feature enables thumbnail previews of video streams directly in the fader labeling displays.The mc²96’s unique design combines large screens with a low overbridge height to provide a more ergonomic profile without compromising an engineer’s view. The console’s 21.5” full HD touch-screens work hand-in-hand with the touch-sensitive color-illuminated rotary encoders. An equalizer window will automatically pop-up when touching the equalizer encoders. In multi-user mode, 96 rotary encoders in each 16-fader bay give direct access to all parameters to create an additional central control panel. Color coding of encoders coupled with the high-res color TFTs guarantees a perfect overview. Users can create, save and recall multiple personalized free control layouts directly in their own bay.The mc²96’s extended free control section gives direct access to six parameters in addition to gain control. The result: A perfect balance between decentralized and centralized control workflows. The console allows application of both global and individual parameter assignments for the free controls of each channel strip, and each of the touch-sensitive free controls is color-coded for a comprehensive overview. Additionally, the integrated Remote Desktop function allows seamless integration into the console’s user interface of multiple external PCs running third-party solutions. With the switch of a button, the external PC and its software applications are displayed in the console’s screen while the console’s keyboard, touchpad and touchscreen provide control. The seamless integration of external recording systems, effect engines, or other user interfaces, means less equipment – and the engineer has control over the complete set-up, conveniently from a single, central position.The mc² 96’s comprehensive local I/O features 16 Lawo-grade Mic/Line inputs, 16 Line outputs, 8 AES3 inputs and outputs, 8 GPIOs plus a local MADI port (SFP). The built-in switch provides 4 Ethernet ports, and network connectivity is furnished via two redundant ST2110 / AES67 / RAVENNA ports with ST2022-7 Class C seamless protection switching (SPS). An optimized thermal concept results in an absolutely quiet console, fulfilling a key requirement for concert halls and studio environments. Being an IP-native device based on A__line UHD Core, the mc² 96 includes Lawo’s IP Easy functionality which makes configuring IP setups as simple as analog. The system automatically detects devices and makes them available to the console at the push of a button. Furthermore, the console’s device management includes all needed security features such as access control and quarantining of unknown devices.Selected Features:

  • Frames from 24 to 200 faders (with Dual Fader option).

  • Remote stand-alone frames of 16 faders.

  • 6 banks each with 2 layers.

  • TFT metering: mono, stereo or up to 7.1 including bus assignment, gain reduction for dynamics, Audio-follow-Video status, VCA assignment, Mix-Minus, Signal Patching, Meter selection, Automix state.

  • GUI page output, e.g. metering, on an external monitor.

  • 40-bit floating point signal processing with 1,024 DSP channels (768 inputs and 256 summing buses).

  • Up to 768 inputs with A/B input, up to 128 aux buses, up to 96 groups, up to 96 main sums, 32 Automix groups.

  • Up to 32 surround channels, 128 VCA groups with metering, 256 GP channels.

  • Surround formats: DTS & Dolby ® Digital 5.1, Dolby ® Pro-logic 4.0, DTS ES &  Dolby ® EX 6.1, SDDS 7.1, DTS-HD 7.1, diverse panning characteristics, surround aux bus.

  • Loudness Metering according to EBU R128, ATSC A/85 and ARIB, momentary or short term in every channel, integrated measurement on summing channels with display of integrated LUFS value in headline.

  • Waves SuperRack SoundGrid ® integration.

  • Interfaces include Mic / Line, Line Out, AES3, 3G SDI, HD-SDI, MADI, GPIO, Serial, MIDI, ST2110 / AES67 / RAVENNA / DANTE ® Audio-over-IP.

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