Unlock the Value of your Media Asset Library while Locking out Ransomware

The value of any media asset can only be realized if it can be identified and delivered in a timely manner. Plus, fast paced workflows require time-to-access speeds that outpace legacy tape archive solutions. Even then, organizations are finding that without metadata tagging, fast access is only half the battle.

In this webinar, Squarebox and Cloudian will discuss how the integrated solution of the CatDV MAM and HyperStore S3 object storage platform delivers rich metadata tagging and search across active archives of any scale. The solution gains a unique and increasingly important aspect when deployed with HyperStore’s WORM and Object Lock capabilities, as media asset archives become immutable and impervious to ransomware attacks.

Learning Points:

  • Key drivers for moving from tape-based archives to object storage
  • Metadata enrichment using user-defined schemas and AI/ML services
  • Using CatDV and Cloudian’s on-prem S3 storage in support of remote workflows
  • How WORM and S3 Object Lock protect against ransomware attacks