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Designing Smarter Newsrooms: How Connectivity and Collaboration is Radically Changing Storytelling

Tue 11, 06 2019

Georg Lenzen, VP of Product, Make.TV
Martin Monzel, Key Account Manager, Make.TV

Being first to break the news and having an alternative angle is what sets newsrooms apart. Smartphone cameras can now produce high quality footage and enable anyone to contribute to news. This rise in new contributors is an opportunity for newsrooms to radically change storytelling. Make.TV provides the infrastructure to make that happen.

Make.TV’s Live Video Cloud, which won ‘NAB Show 2019 Product of the Year’, enables newsrooms to remain at the forefront of breaking news. In this session you will learn about why leading news broadcasters like Al Jazeera are building newsrooms in the cloud. They will explore how smart newsrooms allow for cost efficient and timely development of hyper-local news acquisition, enabling citizen journalists to enhance the network’s live or near-live coverage of local happenings, enriching broadcasts and providing a wider range of angles and perspectives at the scene.

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