How a local news portal benefits from x-news

How a local news portal benefits from x-news

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How a local news portal benefits from x-news

Tue 25, 04 2023

Mag. Nicole Schuchter CEO Salzburg 24

Salzburg24 is an online news portal in the state of Salzburg, Austria. The focus is on regional reporting in the state and neighboring areas. The population of the state is about 563,000.

Simply the Fastest

Salzburg24’s reporting prioritizes news, sports and event photography. As an online-only publication in a competitive news environment, speed is a priority for the Salzburg team, which claims the title of “Simply the Fastest.” So it is critical that digital tools be integrated into the organization’s workflow.

Emergency Services

Speed is particularly important in times of emergency, and Salzburg24 plays an important role in getting critical information to residents. Regional and local emergency service operations publish information on their individual social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and/or on their own homepage. But having a full view of all of these sources can be necessary to quickly give readers the full picture of what they need to know. For example: With 119 municipalities in the state of Salzburg, there are also 119 fire departments, plus a large number of fire fighting trucks and professional fire departments. In order to provide the most complete and targeted reports, the editors must constantly monitor the social media channels of each emergency service. This can be cumbersome.

Clear benefit

With x-news, Salzburg24 is able to pull in all of the emergency-services feeds and social media pages into its editing platform for fast monitoring and reporting. It allows the team to be fastest in the market and to inform readers with verified information. Even though x-news offers many other applications, this is the one that was developed for Salzburg24 and is tailored to the workflow in the editorial office. The results have been impressive.

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