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IBC 2022 – Balanced Computing: choosing the right balance between on prem, edge and Cloud deployments

Sat 10, 09 2022

Alex Redfern, CTO, EVS
Oliver Parker, VP Commercial/International, Blackbird PLC

Simply put, ‘Balanced Computing’ is about choosing the right combinations of hardware and software and deploying them in a balanced way between on-prem, edge and public or private cloud. In this session, Alex Redfern, CTO at EVS, explains how this approach is ideally suited for large event productions where rights-owners are required to create high-quality content in the most reliable way and distribute it quickly and efficiently to their rights-holders. He describes different scenarios in which cloud processing can be used to flexibly extend on-premises infrastructures while meeting the strictest quality and delivery requirements. He will showcase real-world use cases where cloud processing is used to enrich live production, to replace traditional, on-premises processing, and to manage and distribute the produced content for more efficient and collaborative operations.

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