A Special Data Driven Industry Analysis

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This report, which will be FREE to access, aims to give users a strategic analysis of the broadcast and media industry, identifying the key trends driving change in the sector ahead of IBC 2019.

Our world class Insight & Analysis team will provide a variety of information, including major trends in broadcast and media, financial indicators and technology adoption trackers to give a comprehensive overview of the state of the industry. 

The report will be released prior to the show, to make sure you are the first to see the data, complete the short form available here and we will send you the link once the report is completed.

IBC 2019 - Industry at a glance

In the second half of 2019, we are witnessing an escalation of the streaming wars as media companies such as Disney launch their own streaming services and pull out their content from Netflix. The OTT giant is feeling the pressure of the resistance from traditional media, particularly in its home market. It will however be difficult to undermine Netflix’s first-mover advantage in streaming.

As the technology giants continue to pump money into video content, traditional media companies are resorting to consolidation and alliances to search for scale and compete. However, the streaming landscape is becoming too crowded, which may lead to some casualties.

This increasingly competitive and complex environment is forcing media companies to search for digital speed to attract eyeballs to their services. This is leading to a rapid transformation of demand for media technology, which is sending shockwaves throughout the supply-side of the industry.

Drivers of Change

Digital Warfare

The pressure is building up on Netflix as media companies break up with the OTT giant. Will this be enough to checkmate its first-mover advantage?

Digital Inflation

The rise in content investment and platforms is giving rise to media behemoths. Digital business models are taking the hit from this.

Digital Speed

The need for speed and agility has never been so high in this increasingly competitive, demanding and complex market.

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State of the Industry Conference Session
Seeing clearly in the cloud – strategies for business transformation

Friday 13 September
Breakfast served from 7.15am - 7.45am
Session from 7.45am - 8.45am

The Forum, RAI Convention Centre, Amsterdam

The broadcast and media industry is at the tipping point of its transformation to an on-demand, data-driven world with the cloud at its heart. It’s disrupting every level of our industry – people, technology and business practices.

The journey to the cloud can be complex and full of obstacles, requiring media companies and tech vendors to transform together to address a whole new range of business and technology challenges, from the move to consumption-based models to the adoption of multi-cloud (including on-prem) workflows and machine learning.

Powered by IABM’s data-driven insights on the business of media technology, this session will explore the challenges and opportunities of transformation to a cloud media ecosystem through a lively debate between proponents of cloud everywhere and those yet to be convinced.

Some of the highlights from the Special Report produced for NAB Show 2019

Traditional and new media companies continue to launch streaming offerings to attract digital eyeballs.

Welcome to the new media battlefield.

As the number of digital outlets increases and investment in content skyrockets, only a few will keep up with the giants while others rise to appeal to niche audiences.

Everything is quicker in the brave new digital world as consumers’ expectations reach new levels.

Efficiency and agility are the most important strategic drivers of technology purchase for most respondents. 

68% of media companies say that cyber security is a high priority in technology purchasing.

51% of buyers are set to increase software development investment.

On average, users build 40% of technology solutions in-house

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