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KLH Solutions Q&A at IBC 2019

Mon 28, 10 2019

Tell us about KLH Solutions

KLH Solutions was Founded 4 years ago by Mickey Keder and Amir Baruchin, Micky our CEO was the COO of a sports channel in Israel and Amir our CTO is a web professional ,our COO Ronny today was one of the founders of a kids channel in Israel, they were all stunned by the rigid and inflexible tools that were available at that time.

Out of the frustration they start to develop their own tools which became the KLH broadcast management system, born and built on the cloud with Microsoft Azure.

Very quickly the clients came, appreciating the ease of use and the flexibility of BMS on a Cloud.

KLH capture most of the market in Israel with 86 active TV channels using KLH which actually become a standard in Israel, down the road, KLH replaced many good old systems and won an international tender at KAN the Israeli Public Broadcast Corporation to operate 3 TV channels and 9 Radio stations.

Why have you been selected by KAN to provide the broadcast management system?

Before entering the tender, the Israeli Public Broadcaster used several distributed systems that managed its TV and Radio workflows, all of them onprem systems that were built and developed in the 20th century, with the growth of the non-linear assets and digital transformation that the media sector has been going through, the public broadcaster decided to look for a new and advanced system that will incorporate all processes within the corporate, KLH was born an built in the 21st century, in this decade, and the infrastructure that is built from is new and advanced, the Microsoft Azure is state of the art Cloud service that offers lots of advantages to those who know how to exploit it, KLH took these new and advanced tools of the digital era and harness it to the media industry, today every client of KLH enjoy automatic software upgrades that always includes new and advanced features, a practice that goes without saying on the cloud but was and still big issue when it comes to onprem software systems, the commercial advances are also huge, instead of spending a big amount of CAPEX, KLH clients spend OPEX only and using the Saas model – Software as a service, a big revolution that helps TV channel maintain low costs and be competitive in today’s media environment, and the most important maintain its flexibility to launch new services – non-linear VOD, digital assets and different types of business models.

In the past the broadcaster had to buy programs or produce it, put it on a linear TV channel and sell it to cable or satellite operators, very straight forward process, however today the distribution platforms the acquisition and the monetizing is so complex that the broadcaster needs some help managing all of it.

KLH help the broadcasters make some sense in all this complexity, KLH manage linear, non-linear and digital assets on the same management tool and connect all the different entities at the broadcaster site, from the rights management to the metadata and material management, to the reporting and accounting and the scheduling for all types of media.

What brings you to IBC?

After capturing the majority of the Israeli market with channels span from local TV channels to International brands operate in Israel like Baby TV(FOX), Nickelodeon, MTV, History Channel, Trace Sport, Altice and more, we have decided to start our global campaign.

We are looking at all types of TV channels from the small local TV to the big networks that understand the value of Cloud base BMS.

We are also looking for business partners and channels to spread the word and service of the EU media industry.

What do you offer differently from the other BMS software providers?

Most of the BMS software providers today start their business many years ago and their system is on-premise and not on the cloud, moving on-premise software to the cloud is not so simple and the learning curve is very long, KLH was born and built on the Cloud and as a result function smoothly today, Broadcast workflows differ from one TV channel to another and the KLH flexibility allows fast optimization and quick implementation, from our experience KLH implementation is 45% faster than another legacy BMS software.

The KLH built by broadcasters and hit all the pain points on the various workflows of operating a TV channel.

What is on your road map?

We are working on adding value to our TV channels clients, to ease the programmer’s life we are developing a BI system that will collect and suggest programs from different sources to allow the programmer decide what program to allocate at what time that will correlate with the channel Advertisers using machine learning and AI algorithms.

Another module that we are working on will manage the different types of formats and files needed to be distributed on different platforms, this module address the non-linear distribution that every TV channel needs to address today.

We are also working on adding face recognition capabilities to enhance metadata and allow better use of TV assets, we also adding algorithms to measure and analyze the effectiveness of content.

Watch the video interview here.

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