Media Tech Intelligence Briefing: Streaming & Interactivity

Released November 2021

Fri 12, 11 2021

IABM research has repeatedly highlighted in 2021 the massive opportunity for media businesses to leverage interactivity in streaming experiences. In October 2021, we published a Briefing on Content Distribution & Monetization and called attention to the importance of consumer engagement in the sector, singling out interactivity as the key tool to improve this. Media and technology businesses have continued to invest in interactivity since then, which has led us to re-examine the topic in this Briefing. The topics covered in this Briefing include:

  • The origins and endgame of media convergence
  • FuboTV case study and other media initiatives
  • The impact on technology
  • Blockchain, the metaverse and a futuristic outlook

View the interactive briefing below or click here to view the PDF.

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