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Rexcel Nippon Co., Ltd. provides Simple LaaS (Livestream-as-a-Service) that streamlines encoder setup that lowers the barrier for event organizers to implement professional-grade livestreams. Rexcel's Simple LaaS, using Videon’s EdgeCaster as the encoder, offers an unprecedented simple setup that reduces the complexity and cost associated with high-quality IP livestreaming that is 4K in resolution and ultra-low in latency (as low as the latency of traditional broadcast at around 3 to 4 seconds).

Rexcel's Simple LaaS pre-configures and pre-tests multiple EdgeCaster encoders matched to the number of camera feeds that the organizer plans to use to multi-stream to one or more CDN's such as AWS, Akamai, Wowza, YouTube LIve, Facebook Live, Line Live and so on, concurrently.

Rexcel Nippon Co., Ltd., based in Tokyo, develops and integrates ultra-low-latency 4K live IP video streaming technologies including encoders and decoder systems; delivers, maintains and operates integrated solutions to broadcasters, telecommunications and content owners/distributors that offer video streaming services.

In addition to livestream business, Rexcel Nippon develops and integrates smart city technologies including AI, infrastructure software, IoT platforms; delivers, maintains and operates integrated solutions to telecommunications, real-estate, electronics companies that offer smart houses and smart building services.

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