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Monetizing media straight from Archive: Porsche News TV case study

Mon 10, 06 2019

Jutta Schönhaar, Managing Director, X-dream-distribution GmbH (Germany)
Oliver Meurer, CEO and Co-Founder, Flow Works GmbH (Germany)

In November 2018, Porsche News TV has been launched as Porsche’s global video platform for journalists, bloggers and the online community. The new playout-channel was inaugurated with the live-streaming of the global press presentation of the new Porsche 911 model in Los Angeles, USA. Reaching over 2 million views for this major event, the new channel was extremely successful for Porsche. News TV is the first integrated playout-channel of the new Porsche Media Database service, both built by Germany’s media management specialist Flow Works. Flow Works overall system for Porsche thus combines full production- and content management abilities with fully integrated playout to multiple channels, offering impressive VOD and live streaming capabilities. This presentation discusses how this system was built mentioning all the parts it consists of.

You can watch the channel live here.

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