Nanocosmos – 2023 IBC BaM Award winner, Project, collaboration, event or other innovation

Nanocosmos – 2023 IBC BaM Award winner, Project, collaboration, event or other innovation

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Nanocosmos – 2023 IBC BaM Award winner, Project, collaboration, event or other innovation

Tue 12, 12 2023

Nanocosmos – 2023 IBC BaM Award winner, Project, collaboration, event or other innovation

nanoStream Cloud: Revolutionizing Live Streaming Use Cases with Real-Time Technology

For 25 years innovators at nanocosmos have been pushing the boundaries of audio/video technology to connect and engage. Product and services provided have reached a significant milestone: on grounds laid in 1998, various innovations have been carefully layered to a Cloud Solution that enables connection and interaction with large audiences based on real-time. Especially with the spike in virtually broadcasted events it has become apparent that, next to the adaptability and reach, the following feature stands out: delivery of interactive experience anywhere in the world without giving up high quality.

Evolved Technology: Based on a carefully built infrastructure and global delivery network (CDN), nanoStream Cloud represents 25 years of innovation and the capacity to to enable interaction worldwide including from remote areas. The patented player’s adaptive capabilities automatically adjust to available bandwidth and provide viewers with a seamless streaming experience on any device. This capability to maintain high-quality playout, regardless of network conditions or audience size, sets nanoStream Cloud apart as a frontrunner in the broadcast industry providing a much-needed solution for interactive applications such as conferences and live auctions.

Empowering Global Interactions: The versatility of nanoStream Cloud was put to the test during the livestreamed Future Investment Initiative in 2022, a large-scale event designed as an interactive hybrid experience spanning multiple days, rooms, and languages. The forum for government / public affair purposes was to discuss economic topics with a large audience, leading experts, worldwide via real-time live streaming. While regular events can be streamed successfully with a 30-60 second delay, this event was laid out as an interactive hybrid event to take place over several days, with simultaneous interactive presentations in up to 4-10 rooms and simultaneous translations. Live stream was made available with approx. 10,000 physical attendees and around 15,000 virtual attendees with access from all over the world. The combination of number of attendees, easy yet secure access, stable stream with ultra-low latency were accomplished. 

Catalyzing Business Success: To serve the growing trend for high-quality streaming of live auctions, Live Wegner chose nanoStream Cloud in 2023 to run an auction of Galerie Kornfeld, one of Europe’s most important auction houses for 10h nonstop. Perfect sound and picture despite ultra-low latency were advantages that stood out to Roland Wegner. A broad range of requirements were met: Speed of streaming with minimal latency to provide seamless, high-quality interaction with viewers, high quality playout, a dynamic presentation via multiple camera perspectives, stream accessible directly via browser. 

nanoStream Cloud’s performance solidified its reputation as an indispensable tool for seamless and high-quality live interactions. The versatility in catering to diverse broadcasting needs highlights the adaptability and relevance of it in the dynamic landscape of the broadcast industry. nanocosmos has demonstrated unparalleled innovation in the live streaming landscape by enabling global interactions and an unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge broadcast solutions.

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