New Actus Multiviewer and AI Products Unveiled at NAB-24

New Actus Multiviewer and AI Products Unveiled at NAB-24

New Actus Multiviewer and AI Products Unveiled at NAB-24

Thu 14, 03 2024

Leveraging Compliance and Technical Monitoring for AI-Derived Content Insight 

BOSTON, MA — March 7, 2024 — Actus Digital, provider of the leading Intelligent Monitoring Platform, has productized the six specialty areas within its platform to now also offer each as an affordable standalone product. After significant R&D investment, specifically on its integrated Multiviewer and AI content analysis tools, Actus has unveiled Actus MV and Actus AI. Both include exclusive features and unmatched capabilities and value within their respective markets. These two new products join the four products already in its platform: Intelligent Monitoring (compliance logging/quality monitoring), Clip Factory Pro (automated content repurposing), OTT StreamWatch (OTT Monitoring) and Actus RVM (remote post-STB monitoring). Each of the six products is available as an affordable standalone system or any combination of the six can be combined within one on-prem or SaaS Intelligent Monitoring Platform solution.

Actus MV – Interactive Multiviewer with Intelligent Widgets

Actus MV is a cutting-edge multiviewer revolutionizing multiview monitoring with innovative features such as a penalty box/error by exception with video-rewind. This feature enables instant review of audio-video issues directly within its interactive on-screen multiviewer.

A diverse array of advanced analysis widgets complements on-screen QoE/QoS alerts, providing visibility of areas of concern, such as: 608 and 708 captions/subtitles, loudness data, Transport Stream (TS) health, TS structure, SCTE details, media download metrics for OTT streams, and red/green channel-health. The user-friendly GUI simplifies mosaic layout creation using snap-to grids to quickly produce any number of useful layouts to meet the needs of Master Control and individuals monitoring from their desks or remotely from any authorized browser. Actus MV is flexible with any combination of all popular input formats, supporting many reprogrammable probe-points within video distribution workflows. Its intuitive Alert Center enables email/SNMP notifications of outages/issues and provides a searchable history of faults including easily shared recordings of the video that triggered them, as well as statistical reports.

Actus MV has already had an immediate impact in the professional broadcast multiviewer space. Several major broadcasters have already installed walls with over 100 channels, and Actus Digital has received orders from several more with as many as 500 channels. “Everyone who sees Actus MV immediately recognizes how it empowers them with interactivity, intelligence, and flexibility – all for a fantastic value,” said Ken Rubin, Actus Digital SVP.

Actus AI – Audio/Visual Content Analysis that Delivers Intelligent Content Insights

Actus AI is a unique automated solution that provides insight from the AI-analyzation of audio and video. It leverages the investment in a technical monitoring system with added intelligent content analysis either on-premises or via the cloud. It replaces current labor-intensive processes, saving time, improving accuracy, and expanding the scope of analysis.

Evaluating large volumes of content becomes much more manageable with Actus AI. In-depth content insight is derived from reports generated from various AI-processes, including transcription, translation, summarization, key topic identification, facial recognition, ad/content matching, and metadata extraction from content.

Defining criteria directs the system to send alerts and show results when matching relevant content is aired. The system also eliminates language barriers, allowing operators to search in their preferred language.

Actus AI is already performing fantastic feats for many government regulators, news agencies, and defense entities that monitor vast volumes of media and rely on Actus to receive immediate insight on relevant topics.” said Sima Levy, Actus Digital CEO. “The technology is also showing significant benefits for network and television competitive news analysis as they can leverage their compliance monitoring platform to add media insight in one end-to-end solution”.

Broadcasters can search for specific topics on their own and competitive stations/networks to research stories previously aired and define criteria to be alerted of breaking news. Government regulators are monitoring all media in their jurisdiction to detect content violations and save the clips as proof-of-airing to enforce fines.

Actus products are available at affordable prices as one-time perpetual software license CapEx purchases as well as OpEx/SaaS. Actus solutions are installed as turnkey hardware systems, on customer-provided servers/VMs, or as hybrid solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Actus is exhibiting in Las Vegas at NAB 2024 in booth W-2059 between April 14-17. Visit to schedule an NAB demonstration or request an online demonstration. For more information about Actus Digital’s products and platform, visit

About Actus Digital (

Actus Digital is the world’s leading supplier of Intelligent monitoring platforms, including six products that stand alone or can be combined into one solution, including: Intelligent Monitoring (compliance logging/quality monitoring), Actus MV (interactive multiviewers), Actus AI, (media insight extraction), Clip Factory Pro (automated content repurposing), OTT StreamWatch (OTT analysis) and Actus RVM (remote post-STB monitoring). Since 2005, over 800 customers have deployed an Actus solution to help them improve quality, comply with regulations, automate analysis, and repurpose content, addressing requirements for media and entertainment companies, government regulators, and many other enterprises.    Actus Digital on-prem systems and SaaS-subscriptions allow users to address needs for both traditional linear broadcast television and OTT/FAST/IPTV channels, as it reliably records content 24×7 from any combination of a variety of inputs, including: baseband (SDI, HDMI, etc.), Transport Stream (IP, ATSC-1 and ATSC-3, ASI, and QAM), IP (many including SMPTE 2110), and streaming (HLS, MPEG-DASH, RTMP/RTSP, and more). Offering comprehensive yet affordable tools, Actus provides unlimited simultaneous users with browser-based access to a platform that offers several meaningful and valuable benefits used by one user for one application or shared throughout an organization for many uses. Actus Digital headquarters is in the United States with superior 24×7 support provided from four worldwide support centers, including in the US, Europe, UAE, and Asia.

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