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Best Practices - Cross border Streaming Delivery to China and Southeast Asia

In the past decade, the number of internet users in China and Southeast Asia combined has increased five-fold to 1.2 billion and the digital economy in these regions is valued at over $4.64 trillion in total. Such strong growth, fueled by the increasing popularity of mobile gaming, social media, and e-learning, offers unparalleled opportunity for businesses around the world. Yet, even in 2020, while the majority of video platforms are finding it difficult to stream content to audiences in these regions, others are challenged with compromised user experience or security threats.

In this webinar, we were joined by Wei An, General Manager and Partner, and Angel Chin, Senior Director of Product and Solutions, of BaishanCloud North America Corporation to discuss the best practices of streaming delivery to China and Southeast Asia.

We covered

  • Market landscapes and opportunities in China and Southeast Asia
  • Challenges for foreign companies seeking to stream their content to these areas
  • Solutions to effectively tackle these challenges
  • After watching, you will leave with a good knowledge of the possibilities to get your content to your audience in China and Southeast Asia in a fast, reliable and secure manner

To access the on demand recording and slide decks, please complete the short form available here or by clicking the button below.

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BaishanCloud Continues to Ensure Network Performance Quality amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The continuing Coronavirus epidemic has put much of China on an online mode. As the internet traffic surge is stressing network resources and compromising user experience, Baishan is committed to tackling the challenge with its best resources and technologies.

About BaishanCloud
Speed, Reliability and Security at the Edge

BaishanCloud is a cloud data service provider focused on data life cycle management. With a strong emphasis on data interaction and exchange, Baishan's product suite is comprised of cloud delivery, cloud security, and cloud API management. Leveraging its loosely-coupled cloud delivery network, Baishan's platform fulfills the data-transmission, data-security, and data-governance needs of Internet and enterprise customers.

Since Baishan's inception, growth across all facets has been very fast. Baishan's innovative cloud products have achieved considerable traction in the marketplace due to unparalleled performance throughout China and Asia. Already a trusted preferred provider of cloud data services in China, Baishan has a rapidly growing customer base both domestically and internationally.

BaishanCloud is headquartered in Beijing, and our international operations are based out of Bellevue, WA. Baishan also boasts offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, as well as R&D centers in Xiamen and Guian.

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