Understanding OTT system types & services, ways to integrate it with broadcast TV, and new revenue opportunities are important for the survival of new television service providers and existing broadcasters. This TV business focused course starts be describing key OTT systems key options, marketplace trends, and ways to leverage integration with broadcast systems. New OTT on screen, second screen, and off screen revenue sources are identified and current examples are provided. New and emerging Social TV, TV Apps, tCommerce, and Blockchain OTT are described along with their key trends.


  • OTT Introduction
  • OTT Marketplace
  • OTT Systems
  • OTT Services
  • OTT Broadcast Integration
  • OTT Revenue Sources
  • On Screen
  • Second Screen
  • Off Screen
  • Social TV
  • TV Apps
  • tCommerce
  • Blockchain OTT


  • OTT Terminology – understand & communicate with others about streaming TV
  • OTT Marketplace & Trends – decline & growth of competition and opportunities
  • Key OTT Services – essential and desired TV & related applications
  • OTT System Options – leverage existing networks and new platforms
  • OTT Broadcast Integration – expanded customer experiences
  • New OTT Revenue Sources – on screen and off screen revenues
  • OTT Directory – lists of key vendors and capabilities