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OTT – is your service a champion or a runner-up? – Spicy Mango E-Book

Tue 06, 08 2019

“Over the top (OTT) or video streaming services have now been commonplace for over a decade, with the first services emerging in 2006. Since that time, much has changed. The Internet, 4G, Facebook, Snapchat, the iPhone and iPad and fast broadband among dozens of other services have brought advanced technical services to billions of people in an incredibly short space of time. With that in mind, OTT is still very much in the junior leagues.

To ensure a platform is ready for the demands and expectations of a title winning performance, a holistic approach of the whole content delivery ecosystem is required, which includes looking at the Quality of Experience (QoE) solely from the perspective of the end user.

This ebook looks at some of the most common issues and how and where OTT platforms can look in order to improve the Quality of Experience for their subscribers.”


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