A one day course that covers the fundamentals of PTP (Precision Time Protocol), including the evolution of the standard from version 1 to version 2.

The algorithm for Best Master Clock (BMC) and the process of clock synchronisation will be covered. Types of clock including Ordinary Clocks, Boundary Clocks, Transparent Clocks and Grandmaster Clocks will be discussed operating in both end to end and point to point modes.

Network settings such as UDP port numbers and IP addresses will be discussed along with Quality of Service (QoS) settings recommended by professional bodies for use in the broadcast industry.

The requirement for IGMP snooping in a PTP domain will be discussed and demonstrated practically during the course. The BMC algorithm and process of clock synchronisation will be demonstrated practically using Microsoft Windows software and/or PTP enabled switches and analysed on the course using Wireshark traces.


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