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Protean XMi Remote Camera Head

Protean XMi remote camera head, ultra-flexible, virtually silent, with smooth precise zoom & focus.

Qumulo’s file data platform

Accelerate collaboration and productivity with Qumulo’s file data platform


A highly flexible workflow and process toolkit that can be tailored to your unique requirements.

Sargasso – Digital Asset Management

The new, low-cost, Digital Asset Management tool, powered by MagLabs, Sargasso

TV Rating Analyzer

TV rating and analyzing system >> View and analyze audience trends

XENTAURIX Media & Broadcast Logger (XBL)

Multifunctional Media & Broadcast Monitoring, Recording, Content repurposing & -Analysis system

MediaScaleX // Storage

A software-defined, multi-performance, object storage platform for all Media use cases

TED – Tango Electronic Drive

The Tango Electronic Drive enables you to motorize your Tango Roller (camera slider).

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