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Media Workflow Connect | BT Media & Broadcast

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Media Workflow Connect gives you access to a fast, powerful and private network.  That means you can complete workflows quickly and easily, with no unnecessary set up fees or long-term contracts.


Once you’re connected, you can create connections to other Media Workflow Connect customers across a private network. And you can privately access public cloud services including AWS, Azure and Google, so you can take advantage of the latest media cloud-based software, like editing, VFX rendering and quality control.


Our new network gives you the connectivity you need for your workflows so that you can take on projects with multiple clients, suppliers and cloud providers through our private and secure connections.


You’ll only pay for your connected virtual circuits based on how much capacity you need and how long you book it for. We don’t expect you to commit to long term contracts because we know that in your industry your requirements change depending on the project you’re working on – and you shouldn’t be held back by inflexibility.


Media Workflow Connect helps you collaborate with others and complete your workflows faster and with no stress. We give you easy access to the cloud, so you can take advantage of everything it has to offer. From editing to special effects, you can do everything you need to without worrying about your connection. And you only pay for the time you book.


The benefits:

  • Choose exactly what you need. Pick the speed you need, from 10Mbps to 5Gbps, and only pay for the duration you select.

  • Control everything. Use our self-service portal to organise all your connections and capacity.

  • Work with everyone. Connect to several partners, suppliers and clients simultaneously to get more done faster.

  • Stay safe. Our dedicated private networks mean you can make sure your content is only seen by who you want to see it.

  • Use the best services. Access the biggest cloud providers and use the latest media software to fine tune your work.