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Vela Luna

Advanced Compliance Monitoring Multiviewer & Logger

Ven.ue OTT

A white labelled OTT platform, with app development services for mobile, gaming and smart TV’s

Venue Player

Venue Players and Recorders provide a reliable, fully uncompressed recorder-player solution.

ViBE CP9000

Harmonic’s ViBE CP9000 HD/UHD contribution encoder for rapid, reliable contribution of UHD content

VictoremTM 262G41-CX camera

VictoremTM 262G41-CX camera based on GPixel’s new GMAX0505 CMOS 26.2MP global shutter CMOS sensor.


Software audio level meters which can display levels from remote sites and send email alerts.


A complete line up of camera accessories for any camera brand ‘made in Holland’

VOS360 SaaS

Harmonic’s VOS360 SaaS Speeds Up Time to Market for OTT Services

Wave Board

audio control unlike anything you’ve ever seen before

Wowza Professional Services

Streaming expertise to bring your project to life.

Wowza Streaming Engine

Reliable streaming. No matter the device, scale, or network condition.

X-Pert Graphics

Sophisticated, yet extremely user-friendly on-air CG and graphics manager.