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X-Pert Ingest

Multiple channels of HD or SD content can be captured from HD/SD SDI digital feeds.

X-Pert Ingest (XI)

Enables multiple channels of HD/SD content to be captured from HD/SD SDI feeds, analog sources, etc.

X-Pert Playout

Playout automation solution for organisations of any size.

X-Pert Playout (XP)

Versatile in nature and running as a stand-alone app it provides the necessary playout automation.


A replay controller that creates events on the fly

XENTAURIX Media & Broadcast Logger (XBL)

Multifunctional Media & Broadcast Monitoring, Recording, Content repurposing & -Analysis system

XPoint Series

Connects magnetically and electrically!

Zoom Servo Drive Chrosziel CDM-LWZ3-Z

Award-winning motorization for the Zeiss Lightweight Zoom LWZ3 21-100 mm lens with 4 zoom modi

Zoom Servo Drive Chrosziel CDM-XK-Z

The Zoom Servo Drive Chrosziel CDM-XK-Z for motorizing the Fujinon XK6x20 20-120mm T3.5 lens

zXORA™ Player

“You Branded” cloud-oriented secure content delivery platform for Android, iOS, and Roku based media

Adaptive Media Delivery

AMD ensures a high quality streaming experience for viewers on any device and any network.


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