Technical Localization- Designing Global Media Supply Chains Case Study

Cerberus Tech & Discovery Inc

Fri 04, 12 2020

Chris Clarke 


Oleg Gribanov

Vice President Media Technology, Production & Operations

In this session, hear how Discovery needed to deliver three linear channels to four affiliates in the APAC region, including geographically remote areas such as Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Since these locations fell outside of the satellite footprints that Discovery utilizes, an alternative distribution method needed to be explored. Although technically challenging, Discovery still wanted to deliver the channels in a cost-effective way.

Using its Network 1 solution, an internet-based platform for primary distribution of linear content, Cerberus was able to pick up the feeds and deliver the content into the network before delivering it to the most geographically convenient cloud region, depending on the location of each affiliate.

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