Windload optimized Kathrein FM antenna systems

Windload optimized Kathrein FM antenna systems


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Windload optimized Kathrein FM antenna systems

By Dr. Paul Mamok, Kathrein Broadcast GmbH

Thu 10, 09 2020

Low wind load FM LogPer antennas at the “Wittenberg” station

Logarithmic Periodic Antennas in “Wittenberg”

As part of a major customer order, a total of 19 FM panel antenna systems at 14 German radio stations were replaced by Logarithmic Periodic- and Yagi- antenna systems from May to August last year 2019. These antennas have a significantly lower wind load than comparable solutions with panel antennas. In this way, the wind load can be reduced by up to 75% with the same antenna gain. This results in enormous savings for the ongoing operation of the antenna systems. In addition to planning, design and delivery of the antenna systems, Kathrein was also responsible for the entire project management including coordination of the installation and acceptance test.

photo: © TSN Turmbau Steffens & Nölle|Archive

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