Appear – Protecting our fragile planet: the media & broadcast industry’s journey towards a greener horizon

Appear – Protecting our fragile planet: the media & broadcast industry’s journey towards a greener horizon

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Appear – Protecting our fragile planet: the media & broadcast industry’s journey towards a greener horizon

Fri 29, 09 2023

Appear – Protecting our fragile planet: the media & broadcast industry’s journey towards a greener horizon

Matthew Williams-Neale, Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Appear

In an era of unprecedented technological advancement, the media and broadcast industry plays a significant role in shaping how we perceive the world. However, this sector, like many others, faces a pressing challenge: the threat to our planet’s delicate ecological balance. As concerns about environmental sustainability escalate, our industry needs to take bold steps to minimize its own impact on the environment and pave the way for a greener future.

Rising to the challenge: sustainability in the broadcast sector

Sustainability is climbing to the forefront of the broadcast industry’s priorities, with an increasing number of media companies recognizing the importance of reducing their environmental footprint. The rise of sustainability in the sector is evident in the actions of leading technology vendors and the evolution of industry workflows and practices. From production to shipping, deployment, operation, and eventual disposal of equipment, every facet of the technical supply chain is rightly under scrutiny for its environmental implications.

The “Future of Sustainability in the Broadcast Sector” is a topic that has garnered significant attention, with experts and stakeholders joining forces to drive change. Initiatives such as those detailed in the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) article on “10 Ways Public Broadcasters Are Reducing Their Environmental Impact” demonstrate how public broadcasters are actively working to integrate sustainability into their operations.

The Crucial Role of Technology Solution Providers

Amid the shift towards sustainability, technology solution providers are integral to reshaping the industry’s landscape. By developing and implementing innovative technologies, these providers can contribute to minimizing the environmental impact of media production, distribution, and consumption. They can enable and influence efficient content creation, editing, and storage through digital platforms, reducing the need for physical resources.

They also have an important role to play in facilitating remote collaboration, decreasing the necessity for extensive travel for live events and thereby cutting down on carbon emissions. Through the adoption of remote production systems, for example, they can enable resource sharing, scalability, and reduced energy consumption.

In essence, these technology providers have a responsibility to develop solutions that can drive the media industry towards a more sustainable future, offering tools and strategies that enhance operational efficiency, reduce waste, and promote environmentally conscious practices throughout the entire value chain.

At Appear, a Norway-based global leader in media processing and delivery technology, we have customers spanning over 100 countries. Increasingly, these customers rightly demand products that have as little environmental impact as possible, and partners that reflect their concerns around a more sustainable energy future. Therefore, our commitment to sustainability is deeply ingrained in our business practices and we believe that other vendors have a responsibility to follow suit.

Appear’s impact on sustainability

One of the defining features of our approach to sustainability is our emphasis on environmentally conscious engineering. All Appear products are designed and assembled in Norway using hydro power production, aligning with relevant EU directives and certifications like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, REACH, and WEEE. These efforts position Appear to outperform competitors in terms of environmental impact.

A testament to our dedication to sustainability is reflected in our partnership with a leading European Tier 1 telco. The telco conducted an independent study comparing Appear’s X Platform with a leading competitor’s server-based solution and revealed substantial differences. The X Platform exhibited remarkable energy and space efficiency, consuming significantly less energy and space while delivering unparalleled performance, including 38 times less CO2 production, 22 times less cardboard packaging, 7 times less watts per channel, 20 times less weight per channel, 20 times less rack units per channel and 40 times less electronic waste per year. We won this business, and although I’m sure that our green credentials were not the only factor, it does show that greener business is better business.

A holistic approach to sustainability

For Appear, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a guiding principle that resonates throughout the organization, and we believe that all technology solution providers have a responsibility to acknowledge the demand for environmentally responsible products. We have found that our commitment to sustainable engineering has led to an increased demand in our products, I believe strongly that this presents an opportunity for other businesses that are willing and able to adapt their solutions.

If more companies focus on engineering practices and products that create sustainable outcomes within media workflows, we can all take responsibility to ensure that sustainability is inherently woven into our business practices. And, if this commitment to sustainability is ongoing, we can continuously strive to improve energy efficiency and reduce our overall environmental impact as an industry.

A sustainable future: transparency and improvement

Dedication to sustainability is marked by transparency. Companies that firmly believe in third-party scrutiny and openness provide the foundation for continuous improvement. As the industry grapples with the environmental challenges ahead, companies exhibiting  engineering prowess and innovation can position themselves as key players in crafting a more sustainable future for the media and broadcast industry.

In a world where the media has the power to influence opinions and drive change, the steps taken by industry players toward sustainability are not just commendable but also essential. As the industry marches toward a greener horizon, the efforts being made now will undoubtedly shape the narrative for generations to come.


The media and broadcast industry’s role in shaping public opinion and perception is immense, and with this influence comes responsibility. The threat to our planet is real, and it’s heartening to see the industry rallying to protect our beautiful but fragile world. The convergence of technological innovation and sustainability is evident in the actions of key players like Appear, whose commitment to environmentally conscious engineering and product development is setting a precedent for the industry at large. As the world looks to the future, the media and broadcast industry has an opportunity to not only entertain and inform but also inspire positive change and pave the way for a more sustainable world.

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