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Cable/IPTV VOD servers and systems

Video-on-demand servers and platforms for cable/IPTV "walled garden" VOD services, typically accessed through a set-top box.



MediaKind Aquila On-Demand

Enables the ingest, transformation, processing, storage and delivery for file-based video content.

Lightspeed Live Stream

An enterprise-class live streaming system that can ingest, encode, package & deploy multiple sources

Gallium FACTORY / Gallium VOD

Virtualizable solution for automating the production of file-based content.

ABR just-in-time packager

Enables linear just-in-time packaging with features for start-over, catch-up, nPVR & VOD for OTT

Software-based Video Compression

AVC and HEVC incl. UHD live and file transcoding of Video using COTS: For OTT, IPTV and VOD.

TS Splicer

Transport Stream splicing for advertising insertion and content replacement.

Easel TV OTT

Easel TV OTT is a complete end-to-end OTT service; all cloud services and all device apps.

BCNEXXT VIPE VOD packages publishing

Create and deliver rich VOD assets in an automated fashion. In the cloud or on premises.

Edgeware TV CDN Infrastructure

Building a CDN optimized for TV allows you to deliver an amazing viewing experience beyond broadcast

Broadpeak CDN – TV everywhere

A unified delivery platform to deliver any video content to all screens across any network

nanoCDN multicast ABR

Upgrade IPTV to adaptive bitrate with no compromise on QoE