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Gallium FACTORY / Gallium VOD

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Gallium FACTORY automatically generates sophisticated clips, such as promos, trailers, VOD assets and marketing content, using intelligent graphics templates, information entered by the commissioning producer, and direct access to the asset management system. It automatically creates all versions of a promo or programme clip eliminating unproductive manual work, renders the finished sequences and delivers them to transmission or asset management.

Gallium FACTORY is a scalable, flexible and affordable solution which makes it easy to add high end graphics to non-live content.

Click here to see how ITV, the largest UK commercial broadcast, has used Gallium FACTORY to automated the delivery of hundreds of versions for promotions across its channel portfolio every week

Automate and Publish VOD and Catchup content: Rather than waiting until a program has aired to then take the content and re-purpose it for delivery on other platforms, Gallium FACTORY automates the preparation of content for Live, VOD and Catchup channels all at the same time while preparing it for multi-platform delivery to the consumer.