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Edgeware TV CDN Infrastructure

Cable/IPTV VOD servers and systems

Virtualized and feature-rich HTTP CDN solution for all your streaming use cases – from big live sports events with high traffic peaks to cache-heavy VoD catalogues – deployed on the cloud platform or the COTS machine of your choice!

Capture OTT TV growth, and deliver your TV services with maximum deployment flexibility and QoE-optimized features, with our HTTP solution. Or, maximize your IPTV business with our RTSP solution.

Edgeware’s TV and Video CDN infrastructure delivers your TV content, live or VoD, with the best possible quality and without any buffering or glitches. Deployed in the cloud of your choice or on purpose-built hardware for edge deployments, its optimized storage architecture and intelligent routing policies offer a modern and highly scalable CDN solution.

It takes TV delivery closer to the viewer, meaning content caching and streaming are provided in the edge for the best possible viewing experience.

The solution’s predictive load balancing feature provides a smooth onboarding process for big live events by handling the requests from thousands of viewers who are simultaneously waiting for their live football game or film premiere to start.

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