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IABM BaM™ Shop Window

An online resource where users can source and find out more about the best products available
Fully categorised and searchable
Gives a complete, 360 degree model of the industry.

Content management and preparation services

Content management provided as a managed service to content owners and distributors, including preparation for publishing, versioning and distribution.

Watson Captioning Live

Employ AI to simplify closed captions.

Digitization Services

High quality digitization services for the conversion of analog content (video and audio)

Fuse Metadata Manager

Smarter metadata management.

Archiving Services

PFT’s award winning Media ERP Suite, CLEAR, offers a new way of Archiving precious content.

QC Services

PFT provides stringent manual and automated file based QC

4K Remastering, Upconversion & Restoration

Academy® Award winning Lowry Digital technology for Remastering, Upconversion and Restoration


A secure, no risk and easy-to-access method of storing content on the Cloud.

Axinom CMS (Content Management System)

Axinom CMS (Content Management System) is a fully extensible content management system

Dalet Brio

Dalet Brio High-density platform to ingest & playout your media


Kumulate is the latest evolution in intelligent storage, workflow & lifecycle management.

Limelight Video Platform

Manage, publish, syndicate, measure, and monetize web video fast and with ease.


Advanced broadcast management platform for programming radio, TV and online content channels