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Etere Ad Insertion

Content and metadata packaging

A multi-channel and end-to-end software solution, Etere combines video switching, video server, advertisement and logo insertion capabilities for targeted ad insertions. From planning and billings to playout, Etere is able to manage real-time connectivity between different departments.

Etere Ad Insertion enhances video monetization opportunities, it effectively manages the end-to-end ad insertion and playout process including resource management, insertion of filling events on demand, scrolling text, logo and CG insertions. Etere is designed to manage dynamic and targeted ad insertion requirements in any fast-moving environment. Running on either automatic or manual mode, it is able to manage real-time insertion of video clips, logos, CG graphics, graphics overlays and scrolling text into stored content and live content for an unlimited number of channels. It combines a video switcher, video server, ad and logo inserter into an open system that ready to fit into any workflow. It streamlines playout complexity with its multi-format capabilities and support for cable, satellite, terrestrial and IP deliveries. Its integrative real-time monitoring and redundancy features provide a highly fault-resilient and accurate performance. Etere is capable of managing an unlimited number of TV channels, scale up or down according to your business needs. It is a fully integrative software-based solution that increases your advertising ROI and operational efficiency.


Key Features

■ Supports multiple platforms including satellite, terrestrial, cable and IP television

■ Manages Ad Insertion on compressed video channels with high density DPI ad server

■ Frame accurate splicing on any frame

■ Intuitive PC and web-based interface enhance control and operational efficiency

■ Integrated Cue-Tone decoder

■ Fault resilient performance with main and backup redundancy

■ Manages channels independently for each network

■ Start via GPI/SCTE signals/VANC codes

■ Multi-network support

■ Supports IP connection, SD and HD inputs and outputs

■ DVB Subtitles

■ Supports Splicing and pass-through

■ Time-shift with very high accuracy

■ Manages loudness control and syncs loudness levels across all channels and formats


Significant Cost Advantage

■ IP workflows support for a more cost-efficient setup compared with baseband systems

■ Uses standard servers

■ Lowers total cost of ownership across multiple platforms

■ Integrates seamlessly into any environment without a major change in the system

■ Does not require dedicated streaming server with local file-based storage

Ad Insertion

■ L-shaped squeeze and overlay for ads

■ Insert graphics, texts, crawlers and logos

■ Able to manage last minute changes and filling events

■ Flexible ad insertion: Overlay, around the content via slices, overlays and text crawls

■ Seamless insertion of advertisements into live, linear or video-on-demand (VOD) content

■ SCTE-104 and SCTE-35 compatibility for targeted ad insertion

■ Effective video monetization with location specified programming


Easy Scalability

■ Scalable at any stage according to requirements

■ Does not require a major change in the system


■ Frame accurate splicing

■ Able to splice on any frame

■ CBR & VBR splicing

■ Stream-to-stream (live to live program)

■ File-to-stream (advert to live program)

■ File-to-file (advert to advert)

■ Stream-to-file (live program to advert)

■ Embedded filee asset streaming server

■ MPEG video playout server

Logo Generation and Embedment

■Enhanced advertisements with the embedded 2D & 3D logo generator, supports multiple overlays and layers

■Seamless commercial graphics/logos workflow from production to edits, scheduling, invoicing and playout

■Pre-set and real-time preview features enable preliminary checks on the graphics

■Dynamic ad insertion: Inserts 2D and 3D logos into live and stored video feeds

■Compatible with a wide range of graphics files: TGA, AVI, MOV, SWF, PNG, JPEG, GIF

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