Misbox - IABM Single BaM Product

Misbox - IABM Single BaM Product




With more than 25 years of experience in the business, MISTV® MIRA is our brand-new generation of integrated solutions built to meet today’s complex demands and needs for the operational administration of your TV station and/or advertising sales house. Our system will lead you to the maximization of your revenue and minimization of the operational costs.   MISTV® MIRA is strongly focused on automatization and optimization of all processes in the TV business, offering a fully customizable environment according to the client’s needs, powered by Microsoft® .NET Framework and Oracle® RDBMS. It is a user friendly, scalable, efficient, and powerful tool for the administration of your media business.

Advertising sales and traffic

  • Multiplatform Inventory – TV, online, OTD

  • Pricelists, Coefficients, Discounts, Bonuses, Variable price modifications per client

  • CRM, Budgeting, Contracts, Invoicing, Ratings, Campaigns fulfillment evaluation

Programme planning

  • Multi & cross channel/network planning, Linear and non-linear (VOD) broadcasting

  • Automated changes and series planning

  • Content-needs planning and schedule cost analytics


  • Daily plans, Playlist, Post transmission log (As-run log)

  • Breaks, Jingles and Secondary events

  • Automatic scheduling and Alternative schedules

Title & Content library

  • Titles-Programs, Films, Series & Episodes

  • Title description and categorization, Metadata and MAM integration

  • Media management, Shipping, Clip versions, Formats, TCs and Breaks

Rights management

  • Acquired rights and Own production

  • License contracts and conditions, Runs, Costs, Payments

  • Amortizations and Impairments, Dubbing, Used music / Royalties

Automatic booking

  • Advertising sales campaigns and ON-AIR self-promotion campaigns

  • Optimization of delivery and inventory use

  • Adjustable booking targets and conditions

Self-Promotion (OAP)

  • Promo library and production requests

  • Scheduling rules and conditions, Promotion campaigns management

  • Promo inventory views and booking

Reporting, Interfaces and Jobs

  • Playout, Research, Finance and Production, MAM, VOD, WWW, EPG, OTT, CGI

  • RESTful API, FTP, DB views, XLS, XML, Printed

  • Server based scheduled jobs, DB links

Professional service

  • Helpdesk, Ticketing system, 24/7/365 technical support

  • Fast and flexible on demand customizations

  • User training and Consulting services

MIS is a long-established, leading player

on the international market providing complex solutions for advertising sales, rights, content and broadcast management. The company, with headquarters in Prague, has been specializing in the development of software solutions for TV broadcasters since it was established in 1995. Using innovative technologies and an exceptionally client orientated approach with outstanding flexibility, it is a partner you can rely on.

Currently, we are delivering for over 35 clients and more than 1000 users in countries across Europe, America, and Africa.  Our software solutions ensure easy to manage and uninterrupted broadcasting of hundreds of TV channels and networks. Our clients range from big TV stations (networks) running tens of channels with national coverage to smaller regional single channel TVs. The software is designed with flexibility in mind, so that without changes in structure, it can manage TV station of any size, complexity, and specificity of individual requirements. This is thanks to its extensive functionality across all areas that a broadcasting company may need, coupled with custom made configurations and settings. We offer the market a comprehensive All-in-one solution, with the precision and professional standards of the best of breed approach, delivered with our modular approach.

Your media business under full control

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