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Fixed satellite antenna and ground stations

Teleport Services

Es’hailSat teleport is able to provide improved communication services and video contribution/distribution networks

Digital Video Network

An Australian network solution enabling customers to share real-time and file based media content

Systems Integration of Fixed Satellite Earth Stations

From 2.4m to 11m Antennas in all the main frequency bands. Receive only or Transmit/Receive.

Satsio – Motorisation System for Small Satellite Antennas

Satsio is a two or three axis motorisation system is used with VSAT antennas from 1.2m to 3.8m.

Vislink, Silvus, JPS

Microwave Relays, & Satcomm Mesh Radio Networks Helicopter Downlinks Interconnectivity

Frequency converters

Convert signals from baseband 70/140MHz through L-Band to/from the transmit/receive bands.