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Frequency converters

Fixed satellite antenna and ground stations

Agile, block and fixed frequency types available in numerous formats including indoor rack-mount, outdoor weatherproof and modular ‘expandable’ solutions, with or without redundancy switching. Supported by a host of standard features and comprehensive configuration options, the Peak range of products are suitable for all professional satellite communications applications.

AGILE CONVERTERS for baseband ‘IF’ 70/140MHz to/from L-Band or the transmit/receive bands (S, C, X, Ku, DBS & Ka), including an L-Band interface. Typically the signal useable bandwidth is stated as ±18MHz or ±36MHz, to match standard satellite transponder bandwidths. Peak agile converters use a fully synthesised topology allowing the frequency to be set to 1Hz, so are suitable for all general frequency conversion as well as more critical Geolocation applications. All agile converters from Peak include an L-Band interface that provides flexibility in use, especially for sites with mixed IF/L-Band infrastructure.

BLOCK CONVERTERS for L-Band to/from the transmit/ receive bands (C, X, Ku, DBS & Ka). Peak high grade block converters offer a high RF performance for professional applications and are designed to be fully compatible with a wide range of L-Band modems and frequency converters. All utilise externally phase locked dielectric resonator oscillators (XPDROs) and are far superior in stability and phase noise to voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs), as commonly used in other BUC designs. Units have a highly stable internal reference signal and automatically detect and lock to an external 10MHz reference signal, when applied.

FIXED FREQUENCY CONVERTERS offer a cost effective conversion between baseband ‘IF’ 70/140MHz and a fixed L-Band 1200MHz (other L-Band frequencies can be provided). Typically the signal useable bandwidth is stated as ±18MHz or ±36MHz, to match standard satellite transponder bandwidths.

The units amongst other applications can be used to interface L-Band modems with 70/140MHz transceivers or 70/140MHz modems to L-band transceivers in legacy system upgrades.

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