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High-performance shared storage

High-performance shared storage supporting real-time video operations such as playout, uncompressed video and post-production.

DIVA Version 8.0

The world’s leading and most trusted content storage management system bring you DIVA Version 8.0


WARP is a linearly scalable, clustered storage and computing platform to support real-time workflows

Tiger Store

High-Speed File System Sharing for Mac, Linux & Windows Clients


nxtedition, a total production solution encompassing planning, scripting, automation and publishing

Tiger Pool

Combine Multiple Storage Islands into a Unified Volume

8 Bay / 16 Bay EVO Shared Storage Servers

EVO is a complete, networked, high-performance shared storage workflow server for any production use

EVO DPX Shared Storage

Purpose-built shared storage for demanding grading, compositing, and finishing workflows.

EditShare EFS 200

XStream EFS 200 is scale-out shared storage that delivers the benefits of EditShare File System, EFS


Automated content playout to suit any purpose, designed to exceed the demands of on-air playout

EditShare EFS 300

XStream EFS 300 is scale-out shared storage that delivers the benefits of EditShare File System.

EditShare’s EFS 2020

Software defined, media engineered storage platform

MediaScaleX // Storage

A software-defined, multi-performance, object storage platform for all Media use cases