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High-performance shared storage

MoSMB is an enterprise-grade SMB (Server Message Protocol) NAS file server on Linux for running demanding workloads on modern storage systems. MoSMB supports high performance, high scalability and high availability in heterogeneous environments that include Windows, macOS and Linux computers. With a 64-bit architecture and no hard limits, MoSMB can store tens of billions of files and scale to multiple petabytes.

MoSMB feature list includes:

1) SMB v2 & SMB v3 protocol compliance2) Enterprise grade authentication via Active Directory and Kerberos.3) Support for NTLMv2-based authentication when authenticating local users.4) SMB v3 Encryption and Signing for ensuring safety and security of data.5) Supports VFS filesystems6) Supports S3 Object Store interface7) Choice of Windows ACLs and basic POSIX ACLs for authorization.8) User-ID mapping to map SMB identities to UNIX identities.9) Support for heterogeneous environment consisting of Windows, macOS and Linux clients.10) Single Global Name Space11) Durable & Persistent handles v1/v2 Transparent failover & continuous availability using Witness Protocol Scale-up architecture12) Active-Active Scale-out architecture13) Performance scaling by scaling up CPU and/or RAM.14) Supports RDMA or SMB Direct for high bandwidth and low latency use cases

MoSMB AdvantageMoSMB is a secure, feature-rich SMB file server. Its high performance and scalability can be leveraged for varied solutions including but not limited to:- High Speed File Server- NAS gateway for HPC/AI Storage- NAS gateway for Big Data Analytics- 2K/4K Media and Entertainment Workflows- Backup and Archival

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