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ASUS ESC4000 DHD G4 Supports Up to 4 Double Deck GPU Cards in 1U.

All NVMe 8 SSD Featuring Maximum High Density and Minimum Low Latency in Upcoming 5G Network Ear.

Dual 10G On Board Plus 2 Networking Card for Upgrade.


1. Dual Processors,  High Density, Maximum GPU in 1U

- Supports up to 4 double-deck active & passive GPUs in 1U

- Single Root for Maximum GPU utilizations  on AI application

- High memory capacity for cache server usage


2. High Speed Transmission & Low Latency

- Onboard Dual  10G Base-T LAN ports

- Support Dual up to 100Gbps LAN cards (option)

- 4x 2.5” NVMe SSD & 4x M.2 22110 NVME SSD

- All NVME Low latency for Telecom on 5G application


3. Mechanism Innovation Design – Revolving Storage

- The first model with 4 front side HDD in 1U 4GPU

( Patent under applying process)


4. Scalable Expansion Capability

- 4* PCI-E Gen3 x16 slots for FH/FL add-on cards

- 2 * PCI-E Gen3 x16 slots for LP/HL add-on cards


5.Smart Thermal Radar design for energy efficiency

- HDD, CPU, GPU, PSU, Front panel


6. Target Market: Telecom, HPC, Deep Learning, Scientific & Research.