Mosmb S3 Gateway - IABM Single BaM Product

Mosmb S3 Gateway - IABM Single BaM Product

MoSMB-S3 Gateway

MoSMB-S3 Gateway


MoSMB S3 Cloud Gateway allows users to securely connect to any S3 compatible object storage, public or private, with MoSMB using standard SMB (Server Message Block) file interface. With MoSMB S3 Cloud Gateway, native file semantics are maintained for the object store so that existing legacy applications can work without any rewrite.

MoSMB-S3 combines the features and ease-of-use of file systems with the scale and economics of object storage to deliver a powerful combination which caters to a range of data-intensive use cases such as Collaborative Media & Entertainment Workflows, Genomic Analytics for Life Sciences, Financial & Business Strategy Simulations, etc.

MoSMB S3 Cloud Gateway key features:

– Enforces native file system semantics including open mode flags and locks for read and write operations.

– Supports enterprise grade authentication via Kerberos in Active Directory environments.

– Inherits the powerful security features of the SMB 3 protocol for ensuring safety and security of data.

– Support for Windows, MacOS and Linux clients.

– Allows use of Mac Finder and Windows Explorer to browse buckets as standard SMB shares.

– Supports logical directory structure while maintaining compatibility with object store dash boards.

– Local data caching providing low latency & high throughput for the most active data.

– Caching of directory tree structure and metadata for faster response to metadata requests.

– Multi-threaded architecture allowing parallel uploads and downloads for faster read & write operations.

– High performance data transfer enabled by reads and writes over RDMA transport.

As enterprises increasingly opt to manage, store and process data in the cloud instead of doing it on-premises, being able to have a standards-based, secure, high performance POSIX file system interface to object storage is invaluable for HPC, AI/ML/DL, Big Data workloads in the cloud.

MoSMB S3 Cloud Gateway also has applicability in the Backup and Archiving applications and is particularly useful in Cloud Tiering, Cloud Active Archive, Cloud Burst and Cloud Migration scenarios.

MoSMB S3 Cloud Gateway supports top S3 compatible object storage providers out of the box. With hundreds of vendors in the cloud storage space customers can now pick and choose their cloud provider and can easily switch between vendors using MoSMB S3 Cloud Gateway thus saving operating costs.

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