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Supporting television production and media distribution while teams work remotely brings with it many challenges. A primary challenge with remote work is the ability to see, hear, and understand the technical properties of your media library from afar. At Telestream, we call this media file opaqueness. GLIM was built to solve well known remote work challenges: be a vastly superior experience to the ‘remote desktop/virtual desktop’ playback experience, and to prevent remote employees wasting hours every day downloading mezzanine grade media files. Solving these two challenges significantly reduces the aforementioned media file opaqueness, and ultimately increases productivity. GLIM is a groundbreaking technology that allows users to remotely play mezzanine/professional-grade media files in a web browser. The GLIM engine is built upon our Switch playback and inspection technology and will allow for remote playback of any container/ codec/resolution/fps/audio channel/color space combination in a web browser (Windows or Mac OS and Google Chrome v80+).