Metadata Aggregation And Management - IABM BaM Product Category

Metadata Aggregation And Management - IABM BaM Product Category

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(Meta)data aggregation and management

Consolidation and aggregation of data and metadata from multiple systems and processes into a central repository.

Analyzers for Adaptive Bitrate &CDN Networks

Provides monitoring of adaptive bitrate and can be used at the packager, origin and CDN edge caches.

WO Analytics

Say hello to advanced business intelligence, purpose-built for broadcast media

VIA profiles

Individual viewer experiences


Atlas is our award winning 4th generation cloud-native platform for automated metadata processing.


Systems-based automated processes to validate the status of your descriptive metadata.

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Limecraft Delivery Workspace

Shared repository of media assets operated by producers and broadcasters


ShareBrowser media management software ties all of your storage & project media into a single app


Perfect for analyzing, comparing and managing files, TrueCheck helps organize you workflow data.

Vela Encompass

A comprehensive compliance Monitoring Multiviewer & Smart Logger

Agile Experience

Deliver the best video experience on multiple devices.


KYBIO Media is a multi-vendor, end-to-end, unified Monitoring & Control (M&C) platform .