Metadata Aggregation And Management - IABM BaM Product Category

Metadata Aggregation And Management - IABM BaM Product Category

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(Meta)data aggregation and management

Consolidation and aggregation of data and metadata from multiple systems and processes into a central repository.

GrayMeta Curio

Curio is a metadata platform that leverages machine learning & AI services.

ProMD EMS – Enhanced Management System

ProMD EMS is Media Links’ Enhanced Management Software for the Company’s MD Series Ecosystem

Boon AI Machine Learning Integration Platform

Build intelligent media management solutions through simplified ML API integrations.


Smart-Segmentation generates segments automatically (chapters/scenes/clips)

Utelly Metadata Aggregation

Combine multiple data sources to create a unified dataset custom-made for the entertainment industry

Utelly Retention Engine

Improve customer engagement and loyalty with your product & catalog.

Utelly Promotion engine

Discover and capitalize on new revenue streams – All within the comfort of your platform.


Smart-Labeling automatically qualifies video segments with tags and editorial labels.

Metadata Foundry

With Metadata Foundry, we unshackle data from proprietary silos to create better user experience

Fuse Metadata Manager

Smarter metadata management.


Transfer your files, lightening fast and verified


MediaPortal is the central hub for cross-platform searching, finding, collecting and sharing media