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Edgeware StreamPilot – Multi CDN Control

Content delivery networks (CDNs)

Using multiple CDNs offers great possibilities to optimize reach, create redundancy and manage peak traffic. But, the means to control your OTT TV delivery are limited and in the hands of each CDN provider. Information about potential drops in quality of experience (QoE) lands with each CDN provider, leaving limited visibility to you as a content distributor. This greatly reduces your ability to address potential problems and impact the service in real time.

StreamPilot, Edgeware’s multi-CDN control platform with newly-added automation capabilities, solves these problems. It lets you take full control of the OTT TV delivery, fully independent of the delivering CDN. It’s completely client agnostic, which allows you to measure the delivery of every single content segment in real-time.

With its strategic location – sitting in the control plane between the CDN and the client – StreamPilot allows you to proactively and in-session switch or modify the delivery of every single segment from the CDNs to whichever client device your viewers might be using. It measures every segment request made by the client and redirects it to the most optimized CDN.

The addition of its automated optimization capability, referred to as AutoPilot, gives broadcasters and content providers the option to automatically perform actions triggered by StreamPilot’s real-time session data when using a multi-CDN set-up. The AutoPilot feature identifies and automatically presents a unified view of problems that could affect users’ quality of experience, independent of which CDN is delivering the TV service to the viewer.

The issues presented can be related to the device, delivery CDN, ISP or the content itself. The data is processed, grouped and presented with a classification on severity level.

Not only does the AutoPilot feature enable users to react quickly and resolve potential problems, it also identifies problems they cannot resolve, such as ISP-related or other infrastructure-impacting circumstances. This reduces operational costs and allows users to focus on other tasks. Valuable session data around CDN performance and overall QoE provides key insights to help content providers monetize their services, such as creating innovative service offerings and performing A/B testing.

By giving users the unique capability to automatically – or manually – mitigate the problems through actions such as selecting another CDN for the delivery, StreamPilot meets a growing demand from broadcasters and content providers to automatically optimize delivery, rather than presenting the data for them to then analyse and act upon.

StreamPilot is cloud-based and offered as part of the Edgeware Cloud Service.

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