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Fuse Metadata Manager

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Managing metadata is hard.


It “lives” in lots of different places.

Metadata is inherently messy. Media and entertainment companies usually have lots of it, scattered across multiple different systems, departments and teams. Not only does that result in duplication of the same data, it makes it really hard to get a single, accurate view.

Quality is usually a real problem.

Unless you’re buying it in from a dedicated provider, it’s rare for metadata to arrive neatly gift-wrapped and ready to go. Levels of quality tend to vary considerably, with key information often being missing, incorrect or just too inconsistent to be of any real value.

Fixing all this takes time and money.

Siloes, duplication, errors, and missing data... they all add up to two things: time spent and money wasted. Metadata can give media and entertainment companies a real competitive edge - but the current model for managing it is highly laborious and very expensive.


Fuse Metadata Manager makes tackles those issues head-on.


It’s a single store for all of your metadata.

No more siloes, no more data scattered between departments. Fuse Metadata Manager integrates with all of your existing systems to bring every last bit of metadata into one place. Scriptable ingest makes adding new data to the system as simple as dragging files into an Amazon S3 bucket.

It consolidates data and eliminates duplicate records.

Using Piksel’s machine-learning powered Content Knowledge Base, Fuse Metadata Manager matches incoming data with a unique identifier provided by EIDR. By flattening duplicate data into a single item, it gives you a better, truer view of your content than you’ve ever had.

It can help you turn metadata into better data.

With your data normalised and matched, it’s time to enhance it. Usually, that means asking an editor to scour third-party data to find potential points of improvement. Fuse Metadata Manager connects directly to those third-party sources, allowing you to automatically enrich your data at the click of a button.

Fuse Metadata Manager can help you manage, monetise and maximise the value of your metadata.

Create a single source of truth for your metadata

Smash down silos and create consistency in a single, comprehensive system.

Turn raw data into decision-making power

Give your organisation an informed view of your data via easy-to-read dashboards.

Cut the amount of time and money spent on manual tasks

Match and enrich data automatically instead of tying up skilled editorial resource.

Empower a slicker, more rewarding customer experience

Use better data and increased editorial resource to create a better end-user experience.

Get future-ready with a reliable, scalable metadata platform

Prepare for the era of infinite content with an infinitely scalable, cloud-native system.