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Zorroa Machine Learning Integration Platform

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The Zorroa machine learning (ML) integration platform breaks down the ML adoption barrier for media technologists looking to automate digital asset management at scale. It provides a no-code workflow for users without ML expertise to run their unstructured media assets against a suite of computer vision APIs from GCP, AWS, and Azure with just a few clicks. 

Run agile ML experiments to validate business use cases and start automating manual tasks like metadata tagging, image classification, speech transcription, and content moderation with Zorroa's GUI-driven workflow. Compress a 12-month development cycle down to an hour—no code, no vendor lock-ins.

Zorroa's no-code ML platform provides: 

  • Multi-vendor ML APIs: Easily access image, text, and logo detection, content moderation, speech to text APIs from GCP, AWS, and Azure

  • No-code workflow: Select the APIs, run the analysis, manage and evaluate results with a point-and-click workflow

  • Vendor orchestration: Eliminate ML API vendor account setup, API documentation, billing.

  • Data prep: Zorroa transcodes raw images, video, and PDF documents to vendor-ready format at scale

  • Data visualization: Run faceted searches and view the ML results in JSON and human-readable format, compare ML model confidence levels

  • Metadata integration via API: integrate resulting metadata into custom or third party app with Python and REST APIs

Why engage with Zorroa?

Zorroa breaks down the AI/ML adoption barrier by enabling agile ML experimentation and implementation not supported by traditional AI/ML workflows. Zorroa's no-code saas platform enables media tech teams to:

  • Automate manual digital media management tasks using AI and ML APIs

  • Quickly discover and validate business case for AI/ML

  • Integrate AI/ML innovations at a lower price point

  • Eliminate months of development investments traditionally required to run rapid AI/ML experimentation

Zorroa provides a modern, no-code ML implementation for innovation teams in media and entertainment, ecommerce, CPG, advertising, and UGC-driven industries.