Production Graphics And Cg - IABM BaM Product Category

Production Graphics And Cg - IABM BaM Product Category

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Production graphics and CG

Creation and real-time (live) insertion of production graphics, including name captions, overlays and full-screen graphics.

StreamMaster PRIME

Cost Effective Master Control & Channel Branding for Playout


Virtualizable solution for intelligent, reactive automation of graphics and branding.

StreamMaster DELIVER

Virtualizable software application for channel playout.

StreamMaster BRAND

Virtualizable software application for graphics playout and channel branding.

StreamMaster PRODUCE

Virtualizable solution for graphics creation and playout.

StreamMaster Media Processing

Virtualizable technology platform for software defined media processing.


Virtualizable software application for creating graphics templates.

Dalet Cube NG

Powerful graphics platform with expanded digital graphics workflow and creation capabilities powered

Ross Lucid Studio

Highly flexible and customizable virtual solutions control centre with an easy-to-use intuitive GUI.

AR³ Football

AR³ Football enhances football broadcasts by adding Augmented Reality into live football matches

R³ Space Engine

Flexible real-time 3D render engine for graphic scenes and animations to boost any broadcast

Studio CG

Powerful integrated solution to manage and control on-air graphics and videos from one interface