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StreamMaster Media Processing

Channel branding graphics and promotion systems

For many years Pixel Power has been at the leading edge of broadcast playout, master control, workflow automation, graphics and branding. With many innovations that are now at the centre of television graphics, workflow and playout Pixel Power is continuing to lead the transition to the new world of software-defined, virtualisable solutions.

Two new technology platforms underpin a range of solutions that enable broadcasters to make the move to IP and do so at their own speed and with solutions tailored specifically to their needs in ways that were never possible before.

Flexible, bespoke, modular and with completely new pricing models, these new technology platforms offer broadcasters the opportunity to acquire just the features or functional blocks that they need and only pay for them when they use them. The days of buying a hardware product where you only use 60% of the features 40% of the time are gone.

StreamMaster Media Processing is the underlying technology platform upon which a variety of innovative solutions are based to help broadcasters manage the processing, branding, master control and delivery of content to customers. The solutions described are configured as standard branding and playout solutions based on how broadcasters currently operate. As a softwaredefined technology platform, however, features and functional blocks are constantly being added to offer broadcasters a future-proof platform and even more flexibility as operations change over time

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