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StreamMaster DELIVER

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StreamMaster DELIVER is a software defined integrated playout engine designed for 24/7 production of simple or complex linear TV channels in a wide variety of environments including dedicated server and virtualized in a private data centre or in the public cloud.

Using a singular workflow StreamMaster DELIVER goes further than standard playout systems by enabling you to maximise your brand and grow revenues through the creation of dedicated content for multi-platform delivery. Running on COTS hardware StreamMaster DELIVER offers you the choice whether to host your playout, automation, master-control and branding applications on-premise, in a private data centre or in the public cloud. StreamMaster DELIVER offers media playback, real-time master control of live feeds, real-time graphics and DVE over SDI and/or IP streams.

As a format agnostic software-defined system, StreamMaster DELIVER allows you to scale with your business and remain flexible as needs change. Software licences are portable allowing you to move applications freely between different deployment environments. StreamMaster DELIVER licences offer totally flexible pricing models that include pay-as-you-go and pay-per-feature/functional-block, all of which are very beneficial for pop-up, event or test channels.