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CREATE is Pixel Power’s all-new design environment for creating graphics templates to be used across all Gallium and StreamMaster solutions. Using industry standard 3D design and animation techniques, CREATE allows artists to design sophisticated graphics with more built-in logic than ever before.With an updated user interface and the flexibility for teams to collaborate from multiple locations, CREATE makes it faster and easier to get your new design ideas successfully on-air.

CREATE offers more flexibility using industry standard video clips and a fully scrubbable timeline with WYSIWYG feedback, users can work faster and with greater confidence from their standard workstation.

Templates built using CREATE’s powerful but easy to use tools are fully dynamic and can be updated in real-time responding to incoming data and operator interaction.

Pixel Power has more than three decades experience in award winning graphics and branding solutions and has developed its latest software application to run on commercial, off the shelf (COTS) hardware that is easily available from IT suppliers.