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Etere Radio Live

Fully integrated, cost effective, and user friendly, Etere makes radio broadcasting attainable with Radio Live. Managing audio and visual radio with the latest IP technology, Radio-Live is Etere’s solution to fuss free radio and radio on video broadcasting.

Radio Live makes radio broadcasting easy. Each aspect of radio broadcast has been perfectly virtualised on a intuitive, user friendly interface and supported by a 24 hour support center. With Radio Live, you can present radio programs in multiple video formats and platforms including smartphones, tablets, web browsers and smart TVs. Etere Radio-Live manages live video based on IP technology, featuring pre-set playlists, unlimited preview of audio and video, interface with GPI, control surfaces and serial controllers.

Create, prepare and present content for Radio, TV, Web, and Mobile, with Radio Live’s integrated system. Fit to ingest and produce content, Radio Live is intended to be a complete solution that is able to complete all aspects of radio broadcast. Built on the guidance of industry professionals, Radio Live is perfect for big broadcasters to organise your tracks, build stacks, and schedule multiple channels. Equipped to create graphics to wow your audience, enhance your visual radio streams by making easy 2D and animated graphics fit for broadcast. Shape logos, crawls, animations, and customise your streams however you want. Even create Picture-in-Picture effects with up to 8 layers of video.

The system is fully connected through IP, and is powered by NDI technology. The software only system brings out its full potential with NDI by making your streams stronger, faster, and better.

Key Features Etere Radio-Live can make live, instant changes to your broadcast, and schedule advertisements with customisable graphics, for a single track or the entire channel. The flexible manipulation of media item playback, simultaneous previews, and high degree of control over characteristics and specifications of the output allow you to make the most out of your broadcasts.

■ Instant player

■ Preview and quick edits

■ Inbuilt playback automaton

■ Unlimited simultaneous previews

■ High degree of control over characteristics and specifications of the output

■ Media material instant playback

■ Simultaneous broadcasting

■ TCP/IP/Gpio (matrix, switches, audio processors, video processors, remote control) and serial connection

■ Manage direct and live streaming

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