IBM Video Recommendations

(Meta)data aggregation and management

Consolidation and aggregation of data and metadata from multiple systems and processes into a central repository.

IBM Video Recommendations

Boosts audience engagement, loyalty, retention and revenue by delivering highly relevant videos.

LTN Cue & Connect

Greater agility in optimizing and monetizing ad-supported distribution of linear TV channels

WO Analytics

Say hello to advanced business intelligence, purpose-built for broadcast media

Actus Rating Graphs and Competitive Analysis Collaboration

Rating and competitive analysis tools: interactive presentation of the rating data with the videos

VSNExplorer MAM

VSN’s Media Asset Management module

Tiger Bridge

Intelligent data management for on-premises and hybrid cloud workflows


Meta is the Content Metadata Platform and API Gateway for the Media & Entertainment Industries.

Artificial Intelligence Tools

VSNExplorer platform integrates with top AI engines for automatic metadata detection and cataloging.

Pipe Bridge

PIPE Bridge is an interface system, which receives financial data and sends to Broadcast Graphics En

Etere Media Asset Management

Etere MAM orchestrates your end-to-end management of digital assets and metadata.


An application and storage agnostic PAM that saves companies time and capacity on editing projects.

BitSave v.2

AI technology for fast & low complexity precoding with significant bitrate savings.