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Analog radio transmitters

The GatesAir Flexiva™ FLX with PowerSmart® 3D is a Liquid-Cooled FM solid-state transmitter family that provides today’s broadcaster with a single transmission platform capable of analog and digital. Built on the next generation of GatesAir’s groundbreaking green transmission architecture, Flexiva transmitters offer today’s FM analog or digital broadcaster compact, energy-efficient solutions to reliably deliver high performance and reduce Total Cost of Ownership.

Flexiva FLX utilizes the latest 50 volt LDMOS amplifier devices, compact high-efficiency power supplies, variable speed cooling and the Flexiva FAX exciter with RTAC™.

Featuring PowerSmart® 3D technology, the Flexiva FLX line offers unmatched efficiency that makes it ideal for all FM applications. FLX provides today’s broadcaster with unparalleled power efficiency and outstanding signal performance.

This powerful blend of new technologies provides best-in-class performance with respect to transmitter power efficiency, physical size, performance and features. The modular design allows for simpler installation, infrequent maintenance requirements together with dramatically reduced total cost of ownership over the life of the transmitter.

Main Features of Flexiva™ FLX with PowerSmart® 3D

Featuring 4th Generation HD Radio Crest Factor Reduction and Adaptive Pre-Correction technology for the highest HD Radio™ power available.

Flexiva High Power Transmitter features identical power blocks for scalability. 10,000 Watts to 80,000 Watts

Small and compact. 10kW power blocks in 16 rack units

Variable speed coolant pumps and heat exchanger cooling fans maximize system efficiency

Common dual power amplifiers and IPA modules for all power levels simplifies spares

Single-phase or 3 phase power, Delta or Wye configurations. 190 to 464 VAC

1:1 Power supply to Power Amplifier module maximizes redundancy

Hot-Pluggable, hot-swappable power amplifier and power supply modules minimizes down-time and simplifies maintenance.

Simple, distributed hardware based control architecture uses analog circuits to control critical transmitter functions. Not reliant on a microprocessor for high reliability

Hardware based life support backup controller provides added robustness, reliability

Can use any standard FM exciter or can be tightly integrated with FAX low power exciter

Fully broadband, 87.5 to 108MHz — requires no tuning or adjustments.

Best-in-class power efficiency — lowest operating costs

Extremely high power density; compact and lightweight space-saving design

Latest state-of-the-art LDMOS-FET power amplifier technology, high efficiency (98%) auto ranging, hot-pluggable power supplies

Maintain power up to 1.5:1 VSWR with proportional VSWR fold-back above that for safe operation at reduced power into marginal loads (icy antenna etc.)

Automatic restart after AC mains interruption; returns to previous operational mode

Global control and monitoring via the World Wide Web remote graphic user interface (GUI) works with any PC, table or smart phone

Full SNMP network control and monitoring support

In-depth diagnostics and setup via an easy-to-use front panel control

Dual-drive with automatic failover exciter switching

FLX 10K Available Options

Internal or External pump system

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